Ben Ledyard, Senior Vice President, Sales

At Network, we focus on finding a competitive advantage that is frequently one our clients may not have found alone. We do this through applied teamwork—not just the playbook or the chalkboard kind—but an absolute trust in this idea: Together as the team, we are stronger than the one.

“I'm driven to a great degree by the desire to please my clients,” says Ben Ledyard, Senior Vice President, Sales at Network. “This focus has enabled me to achieve successful outcomes with many association clients during my time with Network.”

Ben knows that Network has always looked closely at the way our client-associations' members engage with information and resources. It's to that ever-changing intersection, Ben believes, that Network needs to lead advertisers. The growing number of digital communication vehicles available to associations has allowed sales team members like Ben to transform the “buy” from traditional media, such as print and conferences, to more sophisticated emerging media, such as mobile/tablet apps and digital channels.

Ask his associates and his clients about Ben's strengths and they will recite a litany of strengths. He is adept at listening, problem solving, and building personal relationships. Both clients and Network associates enjoy working with Ben because he makes getting the job done fun—as forecasted and on deadline. Ben's famous for producing "wins" even when the deal appears to be dead. He always intuitively finds a way to get the job done and loves healthy competition.

Ben is what you might call one of Network's Product Pioneers.

In an effort to stay in line with changes in how members consume information, Ben is constantly introducing new products and ideas to our association and advertising clients. Ben manages a large sales team responsible for delivering significant year–over–year sales growth. He manages a client willing to try new ideas and consistently finds new ways to increase sales for them by creating new advertising inventory that aligns with the marketplace. Ben was recently promoted to Senior Vice President, Sales at Network because of his commitment to our association clients, our advertisers—and to all of us.

Ben earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Franciscan University.