Bob Rupp, Quality Assurance Manager

The term “quality control” has become a stock cliché at many businesses, but at Network, it's one of our core customer service values, one we never take for granted. Before the ink on a deal is dry, Network's Credit and Traffic departments are working hard to build and maintain close relationships with our advertising and association clients, exceeding expectations every day, in every interaction.

“At Network, a signed contract isn't the end of the process—it's just the beginning. Our support team is dedicated to providing the ongoing assistance necessary to ensure our clients' expectations are not only fully met, but exceeded,” said Bob Rupp, Quality Assurance Manager . “Whether we are working with an advertiser on an ad contract or providing services to an association client, our goal is to complement the successful sales effort with the best customer support in the industry.”

We continue to evolve our post contract skills and services to deliver on the needs of new media including blogs, social, content, webcasts, and banners. Our adaptive processes and integrated technology allow Network's traffic and credit departments to deliver on the operations component of media sales.

In Traffic, the job is to make our successful client relationships even stronger by providing the support necessary to get the client's ad to the right place by deadline and according to specifications, so that the advertiser is completely satisfied with the result.

In Credit/Collections, Network's specialists work through any contract concerns that clients might have and oversee the collection of accounts receivable—always from a customer service perspective. Bob's leadership ensures that courtesy and professionalism are fundamental to Network’s approach.

Although he is not a practicing attorney, Bob's law degree provides valuable expertise when working on clients' contract concerns. As a CPA who owned and operated a public accounting practice for many years before coming to Network, Bob brings seasoned management and business experience to the table.

Bob holds a Bachelor's Degree from Towson University in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting, a law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law, and a Master's Degree in Taxation from Georgetown University.