Carrie Hartin, President

Excellence is a key leadership characteristic found throughout Network Media Partners. Each associate finds ways to exceed the expectations of clients and co-workers to deliver on time and on schedule.

“In my job at Network, I am deeply committed to delivering strategic guidance on products—both new and old—and solutions to help drive revenue growth,” says Carrie Hartin, President at Network. “For me, sound organizational management allows for—and encourages—creativity and change.”

Carrie brings her years of experience to bear on making good decisions in helping our client partners generate advertising revenue through new products and emerging media. She intuitively knows that in today's evolving association marketplace, media sales is about finding new and creative ways to align advertisers' messages with audiences valuable to our clients.

Carrie's management strengths include recruiting, mentoring and development, organizational structuring, and advising associations in new publishing models. She is expert in strategic re-evaluation of association media properties in advertising inventory and strategic opportunities to grow revenue through existing properties and events. During the last 15 years, she has developed Network into one of the strongest custom media companies in the association marketplace. But more than any other quality, Carrie is an inspired and inspiring leader. She has successfully created and led a team at Network that delivers sales, design, event, marketing, and publishing solutions for more than 40 organizations in a wide variety of niche markets. Key to her success has been developing solid relationships within the association industry and delivering revenue growth for our clients.

Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Marketing from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania. She has received ongoing training from key association and media resources, including ASAE, Folio, Association Media & Publishing (AM&P), and Association Forum of Chicagoland. She is a member of The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE) and is in the second year of a two-year term on the board of AM&P.

Carrie is a much sought-after speaker on topics associated with non-dues revenue generation and she regularly volunteers to help move the industry forward.