Network partners with Association for Talent Development to launch the ATD Publications App including three ATD titles

Client background

The Association for Talent Development delivers several periodicals to their membership and subscription base, including the monthly flagship TD magazine, which has been in print for more 70 years.

In 2012, with the help of Network Media Partners’ design team, TD magazine launched a tablet companion edition using the Adobe DPS platform. The curated version of TD magazine received high praise from readers and garnered awards from Association Media & Publishing and the Folio: Awards.



In 2015, with the success of TD magazine’s tablet edition, ATD sought to bring more of its publications into the forefront of digital publishing. ATD selected two other titles that would be offered in a digital app format:

The Public Manager: previously published quarterly in print, this title would be re-designed and developed to be monthly and digital-only (only available via the app).

CTDO (Chief Talent Development Officer): A new magazine launch for ATD for a specific audience segment.  

In addition to bringing two titles into the digital magazine app, ATD sought to deepen the experience of TD magazine within the app.



Creating a single publication app that houses three distinct titles, as well as redesigning and developing the three titles themselves, in a major undertaking. Our work focused in a few key areas:

  1. Platform. Working with the ATD publications team, Network’s design team evaluated and determined the appropriate platform. After some trials on other platforms, Adobe’s DPS solution was chosen for its interactive capabilities.

  2. Launch plan. Network’s design team worked with the ATD publications team to develop a timeline for creating and launching the three titles in a new app called the ATD Publications App. We staggered launch dates of the three titles by approximately 4 months.

  3. Design/development. Network’s design team went to work to redesign The Public Manager, launching in Sept 2015. We then created a wholly new magazine design for CTDO, launching in December 2015. Followed by the full issue edition of TD magazine, launching in April 2016.

Through this work, Network’s design team relied on our experience and principles of not only traditional magazine design, but also digital media design. Our work focused on:

  1. Constant collaboration with editorial team

  2. Effective/appropriate use of interactive elements

  3. Simple presentation of complex materials

  4. High-caliber design and presentation



The ATD Publications App launched in September 2015, and has since garnered both awards and high praise from the readership and industry alike. Here are a few highlights:


The app has gained 2,300 new users within six months (April to September 2016). Since April 2016, the app has been accessed more than 18,000 times, with more than 7,700 issues downloaded for reading. The average time spent on an issue of TD magazine is approximately 14 minutes.



  • 2016 AM&P Excel Awards - Sweep of Magazine App category

  • 2016 Folio Awards:

    • Association/Non-Profit App: TD magazine
    • Design, New Magazine: Chief Talent Development Officer magazine
    • Honorable Mention: Association/Non-Profit App: The Public Manager
    • Honorable Mention: Use of Typography: Chief Talent Development Officer magazine


  • Honorable Mention, 2015 Ozzie Award, Best App, Association/Non-Profit, TD App

  • 2015 Bronze EXCEL Award, Mobile Application (Magazine), TD App


  • Winner, 2014 Ozzie Award, Best App, Association/Non-Profit, T+D App

  • Honorable Mention, 2014 Ozzie Award, Overall Design, Association/Non-Profit, February 2014 issue

  • Electronic Media, T+D App, APEX Grand Award, 2014 and 2013 Best Redesign, T+D, APEX, 2014

  • 2014 Bronze EXCEL Award, Magazine Feature Story Design, “Bright Ideas,” April 2013


  • Honorable Mention, 2013 Ozzie Award, Best App, T+D App

  • Honorable Mention, 2013 Eddie Award, Association/Non-Profit Full Issue, October 2012


App reviews:

“ATD did a great job bringing their flagship magazine to the iPad, providing a fun and easy to read experience.”

“Five stars. Really well done. The magazine is interactive and intuitive. Presentation is extremely professional and aesthetically pleasing. Great magazine with a great app!”


Member feedback:

“The new CTDO plays a crucial role in keeping senior talent development leaders up-to-date on important issues, trends, and dialogues. The premiere issue is polished, professional produced, and thought provoking.”


Client feedback:

“Network’s Design Team has done a fantastic job on the design for [our new] magazine. We asked them to push the envelope and go edgy, and they did it to perfection. I truly believe this is their best work yet.”


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