Revenue Growth for the American Academy of Audiology

Client background

The American Academy of Audiology is the world's largest professional organization of, by and for audiologists. The active membership of more than 12,000 is dedicated to providing quality hearing care services through professional development, education, research and increased public awareness of hearing and balance disorders.


The American Academy of Audiology hired Network Media Partners in late 2014 to help them grow print and digital advertising revenue and develop stronger relationships with their vendor/supplier community. The Academy was experiencing decreasing financial support from leading companies in their space; changes were needed to strengthen those relationships including introducing new media offerings. Additionally, significant new business was needed in order to meet the association's revenue goals.


  • Network created a Loyalty Media Program to provide value-added benefits to companies investing in print and digital products;

  • The Academy and Network reevaluated the digital advertising offerings and increased both banner inventory and pricing within the e-newsletters and websites. This allowed for more companies to invest in the digital products;

  • Advertising opportunities in smaller distribution digital products were created to open lower-priced options for organizations with limited budgets;

  • Network’s sales team identified new company categories and increased the direct sales outreach needed to grow the number of companies investing with The Academy.



Through the Loyalty Media Program, increased digital offerings and new business development, sales grew 74% in Network’s first full year of representation. After the second full year of sales,  revenue grew 165% from 2014.

Revenue Growth


Loyalty Media Program Revenue

Network launched a Loyalty Media Program to encourage companies to increase their investments across The Academy’s platform of print and digital products in order to earn value-added benefits and program discounts. The Program launched in 2015 and began to produce additional revenue. By 2016, revenue from the Loyalty Media Program was up 65% from 2015.



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