Sweep! Network’s design team cleans up the Magazine App category at the 2016 EXCEL Awards


In 2015, the Association for Talent Development partnered with the Network Media Partners Design Team to launch a new app containing the association’s three magazines: the flagship TD magazine, the reinvented The Public Manager, and the brand new CTDO (Chief Talent Development Officer).

One year later, each title is being honored with a 2016 EXCEL Award in the Magazine App category.

In fact, no other magazine was recognized within the category.

“What better way to cap off a year’s worth of work than for all three magazines to be honored with these awards,” Jen Smith, Creative Director for Network, said. “One for each title!”

The magazines are designed and built using Adobe DPS (classic) to create a highly interactive content experience.

For TD magazine, this monthly 84-page print magazine is then redesigned for the app incorporating bonus content like additional infographics and audio recordings from source interviews.

The Public Manager, redesigned from a quarterly print publication to a monthly app-only publication, covers the public sector and provide real-time advice coupled with extended resources housed in interactive elements throughout each issue.

CTDO is the relative new kid on the block, launched in December 2015. The style and tone differs drastically from ATD’s other periodicals; CTDO’s creative direction includes high concept, original visuals and an avant garde design aesthetic.

We’re headed to the EXCEL Awards Gala on Monday, June 27, where we’ll find out what award level each of these magazines has earned. To us, they are all gold.

To see more from the Network Design Team, visit our portfolio.

Update: The rankings are in following the Excel Awards gala. 

Digital Media: Mobile Application Category

Gold: Association for Talent Development, TD magazine
Silver: Association for Talent Development, The Public Manager
Bronze: Association for Talent Development, Chief Talent Development Officer

We had a great time celebrating!  

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