Network makes ASAE Foundation donation at #ASAE16

$1,000 can do a lot of good.

That’s the number that Network recently raised for the ASAE Foundation as part of our exhibit experiences at #ASAE16 in Salt Lake. For each attendee who stopped by the Network booth, we made a donation to the Foundation.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Foundation but aren’t quite sure what it does or how it helps the world of associations. Or maybe you’ve seen talk of a Foundation event on social media but aren’t quite sure how you can help.

The ASAE Foundation works to advance association and nonprofit leadership through its work in research, leadership and innovation. Recent research initiatives include examining volunteer management practices as well as governance through change. The Innovation Grants Program funds initiatives by individual associations looking to pursue innovation. And the Foundation’s leadership programs further the association profession leadership pipeline by supporting the Diversity Executive Leadership Program and the Young Associations Executives network.

In October, you can join the Fall Golf Outing at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club Gainesville, Virginia as a way to support the Foundation.

Head to the ASAE Foundation events page to see other upcoming events throughout 2017.

Thanks to each one of the association professionals who visited the Network booth this year and helped us make this donation to the Foundation. Network looks forward to finding more ways to support the ASAE Foundation and their work in the year ahead.

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