Network’s Dream Day: Operation Welcome Home

Aligning with Network’s long-standing culture of community involvement, MCI’s Dream Day is a special day set aside for dreaming to encourage big thinking, giving back, and building community.

As part of the larger MCI Dream Day initiative, Network participated in Operation Welcome Home, an organization that greets “Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard service members returning from overseas” as they arrive and travel through BWI Thurgood Marshall airport.

Network account executive Carly Heideger recapped the event:

"When our team received the email from our new MCI family, announcing we were invited to be a part of their annual Dream Day we knew we needed to move quickly. As a committee of twelve assembled, we began to ask ourselves a few key questions: What are our dreams? What matters to us as a company?  What allows us to continue to do the work we love with clients that matter the most to us?

On a late Thursday, the Network staff gathered at BWI Thurgood Marshall airport to greet returning veterans and their families as they arrived home. After bagging snacks and goodies that were collected by our team for each veteran to enjoy as they continue to make it all the way home, members of our team decorated the International Terminal with homemade decorated signs, red-white-and-blue bead necklaces and American flags."

Why Operation Welcome Home? We wanted something with a global feel. 

In our new partnership with MCI Global, our team looked for an organization that could represent both our local Baltimore roots as well as reach a global scale. During the “Welcome Home” activity, there was a strong feeling of patriotism and appreciation for the men, women and family members (and pets!) that protect our freedom to do our work around the world.   

And we wanted to involve our families.

When spending so much time together as colleagues, you get to know about the other important people each others' lives.  The committee thought this would be a perfect way to have our families be involved in such an important day in our work.  Over 15 extended family and friends helped us cheer on our veterans at the airport, including over 10 children.

Interested to learn more? Visit Operation Welcome Home MD  

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