Ideas and inspiration from the 2017 ASAE Annual Meeting in Toronto


The ASAE Annual Meeting is always a pivotal event for the association community. This year the mood at #ASAE17 was one of inclusiveness, intention and inspiration. Here are a few key takeaways from our colleagues at Network and MCI USA.

Luvvie Ajay's Game Changer session focused on open, honest communication. She shared her "checklist" for sharing something difficult: 1. Am I saying it with love? 2. Do I mean it? 3. Can I defend it? It pushes me to continue to think about how we grow and develop our team at Network and MCI and the importance of communication. I felt inspired by Luvvie's energy and encouragement to "do better."

Brittany Shoul
Vice President, Sales
Network Media Partners

My biggest takeaway coming out of ASAE 2017 is about balance. Professor Daniel Lerner spoke about the importance of pursuing multiple passions and committing to each one with full avail. The hidden secret of multiple passions is that they give you a broader perspective so you are actually better at each one.

Emily Reineke, CAE
Senior Associate


I came away from ASAE really ready to be more productive and be a better manager for the people on my team. I want them to know that productivity doesn’t mean work quickly just to check off the to do list.  Look at your productivity with intention and start your work day by writing down three intentions.

Rebecca Flick
Associate Vice President


I am genuinely inspired by the quality of talent, at all levels, throughout the association profession. Young professionals continue to move into leadership roles and demonstrate how new ideas create opportunity, revenue and value to the communities they serve. The future of associations is bright!

Carrie Hartin
Network Media Partners


A good reminder: Productivity is not merely checking things off the to-do list. Chris Bailey said: “the intention behind your actions is the wood behind the arrow.” Work deliberately, with focus and intention, for maximum results.

Jen Smith
Vice President, Creative Strategy
Network Media Partners


At “Balanced Obsession – The Science of Happiness”, I learned about the difference between harmonious passion and obsessive passion and how tipping too much into obsessive passions prevents achieving a balance between success and happiness. It made me realize that if you do what you love—what you’re truly, harmoniously passionate about—you’ll excel in all you do.

Kate O’Donnell
Senior Vice President, MarCom & Brand Strategy


The core to inspiration is change. Don't be different to be gimmicky. Be you. Advice to change the game: listen to ideas from everyone at every professional level. You have more power than you know. Think about those who you are leaving behind, and reach back and support them. If we all tried to do a little bit more to make a positive difference, our world would be a much better place.

Amy Lestition Burke, MA, CAE
Vice President, Member Engagement, Association Management & Consulting


Being your true, authentic self is incredibly important in the workplace and individuals who work loving what they do in a place where they can be themselves are happier, healthier, more productive, and longer-tenured. So stop and take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing, how you got there, and where you want to go -– and remember your true self in that process.

Alison Teitelbaum, MS, MPH, CAE
Associate Vice President


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