Best of #ASAE16

ASAE puts on a blockbuster professional conference. Every year, they find a way to push boundaries and look for the places where they can “test and learn” ideas that improve their in-person professional development conference.

After five days in Salt Lake City, here is our team’s list of “Best Of’s” from ASAE Annual:

  • There are committee and volunteer opportunities for professionals at all levels. This delivers on engagement and community initiatives.
  • ASAE’s conference app has a live stream function, which streamlines comments on current sessions and experiences, provides session speakers direct feedback, integrates with other social media channels, and promotes attendee-to-attendee messaging.
  • Exhibit hours are short, busy (non-compete), and fall in priority time blocks on the first two days of conference.
  • Ample space for sitting and engaging with fellow attendees, which keeps people in the convention center if they can find the needed space for an important meeting or impromptu conversation with a longtime fellow member.  
  • Sessions that meet the needs (and attention spans) of all attendees, including workshops (3+ hours), deep dives (90 minutes), learning labs (60 minutes), and express learning (20 minutes).
  • Last, but certainly not least: the PEOPLE. Five days with the best, brightest, and emerging association professionals from across the world (literally...we met a few from Australia!) means we left Salt Lake inspired by those we were able to meet at #ASAE16.

Were you or your team onsite at ASAE Annual 2016? If so, what were your Best Of’s?

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