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  Photo published with permission by BLSYW
Photo published with permission by BLSYW

“Cool Women, Hot Jobs” — now that’s an event that sounds inspiring.

Each year, the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women hosts several professional women to speak with students about career opportunities, inspiring the students to explore a variety of career paths and industries.

Two Network colleagues, production designer Janine Wise and senior traffic coordinator Aisha France, were there to share with the students what they do, the industry they work in, and answered any questions they had. The event was great for exposing young minds to a wide variety of opportunities in a familiar setting where they felt comfortable to ask questions.

Here, Janine and Aisha recap the day:


Aisha said:

The day began with much anticipation and a little trepidation. Standing in front of a classroom full of middle school girls can be intimidating. What would the girls be like? Will I bore them to death? Will they engage with me? Thankfully, after the first of three sessions was complete, I was more relaxed and encouraged. The girls were great! They listened, they asked questions, they told me about their future plans. We talked about good advertising (and bad), the importance of proofreading, what majors in college can help prepare a student for a career as a Traffic Coordinator, and of course Beyonce's name was mentioned at least once. This was a great opportunity to connect with our community on a personal level on behalf of Network and to hopefully inspire some students to look into the fields of advertising and marketing. I learned from the girls as well. Students want to be heard and their interests are very diverse. They're insightful, candid, and they like swag bags with candy. The corny jokes printed on the candy wrappers were a hit!


Janine said:

Speaking with the girls was a fulfilling opportunity for me to give back and educate young girls on various design job positions, as it was done for me. I always knew I wanted to work with my artistic talent, but I just didn't know how to apply it into making a living.

When a rep from an art school came and spoke to my high school art class about the graphic design program, and the various job positions you could hold — that's when it all came together. I explained to the girls at BLSYW the path I took, my education background and jobs that I've held.

It was pretty awesome when one young lady shouted out (after reading my bio) "You're the one I wanted to talk to!" I hope that I answered all her questions and gave the rest of the students enough information to look further into design careers!

Learn more about the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women and the many ways you can support the school on its web site.

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