Three surefire ways to sell your ideas


As designers and visual communicators, our ability to generate ideas is our most desirable team characteristic.

What’s more, being able to effectively present those ideas to our clients is perhaps just as important. After all, if we’re not excited about our ideas, who will be?! Here are three no brainer ways to ensure your ideas are getting their chance to shine.

  1. Own it! When you believe in your ideas, your confidence shows through. Your confidence and assuredness of your ideas is half the battle. Speak with a smile, avoid upspeak and be ready to stand by anything you present. If you are presenting more than one solution to a specific challenge, be confident that each option could provide an acceptable end result. (Conversely, don’t even think about presenting an idea you aren’t on board with.)

  2. Practice, practice, practice. Everyone preps in different ways for presentations. For our team, each client presentation starts with a “script” document. Our doc helps us organize our thoughts and sets a line-up and order of our presentation. Practicing your words out loud beforehand is hugely beneficial. You may be tempted to wing it, but rehearsing your words and thoughts out loud will build your confidence (see #1).

  3. Back it up. For every idea or solution you present, know the details inside and out. You can’t  pitch something you don’t know very well. For visual concepts and art presentations, that means truly grasping the message and concepts of the piece at hand and understanding how your visual plays into that message - be it with metaphor, abstraction, tone or cultural meaning.

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