Are Your Sales and Content Teams Collaborating?


Collaboration between sales and content teams is key to maximizing both the value and revenue of your association’s publication.

At Network, we have implemented a close, collaborative relationship between the sales and editorial teams for one of our association clients. Through this process, we have increased revenue for the magazine, helped our advertisers feel like true partners, and diversified content for the members.

If your sales and content teams are not collaborating, here are a few ways to get started:

  • Hold regular, cross-departmental meetings with the sales and editorial teams
  • Give the sales team the opportunity to listen in on creative brainstorming sessions
  • Allow the sales team to pitch story ideas from advertisers
  • Invite the editorial team to listen in on sales calls
  • Review member research together to co-develop the content strategy for the magazine
  • Review revenue targets together

Does your advertising sales team collaborate with your editorial team?

Are advertisers able to submit content to your association’s publication?

If these questions make your head spin, you’re likely facing a few collaboration roadblocks. To help you further on the road to collaboration, we have outlined a few of the most common obstacles and ways to overcome them:

1. Your environment’s ultra-traditional culture:

If your organizational environment is traditional and siloed, it may be difficult to implement new ideas. But, you can start small! Develop an ally in another department and build a relationship where you can share details on work and projects. This is a great first step in breaking down the barriers.

2. Your board/staff resist change:

Do you have a difficult time implementing change within your association? This is where research is key! The best way to implement change is to have the data to support it. If your board and/or staff are resistant to an idea, have you truly gathered the facts and figures needed to make the case? Members should be surveyed often. Let the facts be springboards for change.

3. Arrogance and Apathy:

“What we have is great, we are the best! We don’t need to change a thing!”

“We have always done it this way, it’s not the best but it’s fine the way it is.”

Sound familiar? If so, you may be experiencing arrogance and apathy within your organization. Overcome this misstep by revisiting your data (again!). Let the research speak to the changes that are needed. Meet with both the content and sales teams to develop a plan based on the data and feedback from your members. Ultimately, the more clearly you can demonstrate that change will save time + money, people will come around.

Want to hear more about the positive impact collaboration can have on your publication? Brittany Shoul will be speaking at ASAE’s Annual Meeting with Carla Kalogeridis of Arion Media Services on Monday, August 15 in Salt Lake City.

Session details below!

Editorial and Sales — Are Yours on the Same Team?
Monday, August 15, 2016    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Salt Palace
Room: 155C



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