Jen Smith, Vice President, Creative Strategy

Thought leadership is a term used at Network Media Partners, to capture a distinctive quality our creative teams bring to bear on our clients' needs. It's an almost intuitive reliance on the synergy of smart design and targeted content—and it brings value to our carefully nurtured client partnerships.

“Network shares its expertise with our client associations in developing the latest design strategy and planning for a wide variety of communication vehicles,” says Jen Smith, Vice President, Creative Strategy at Network.

As reader sophistication and technical diversity of the emerging new media landscape has deepened, Jen has retooled her expertise to stay ahead of change. As part of the solid business relationships that Jen develops, she provides counsel to associations as the changing media landscape evolves. She guides Network's editorial and design teams to plan, launch, sustain, and assess association communications—both in traditional print and emerging new media formats.

Combining award-winning creative talent and outstanding project management skills, Jen specializes in delivering results-based work on time and on budget. Jen knows that for communication to be effective, cutting-edge design and targeted content go hand in hand. Recognized and honored industry-wide, her Network team prides itself on delivering beyond our clients' expectations.

She holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and a Master's Degree in publications design from the University of Baltimore. As part of her professional membership with Association Media & Publishing, Jen regularly serves on several committees. She is a sought-after speaker at industry events and an often-quoted expert in industry media.