Jim Cooke, CIO and Director of Accounting

By putting resourceful people at all levels and in all roles together with innovative information sharing technologies, idea flow, problem solving, and collaboration have always been at the heart of Network's success.

“Network hires people with positive attitudes,” said Jim Cooke, CIO and Director of Accounting at Network. “This environment actively encourages problem solving and achieving corporate goals. We foster teamwork across departments by teaching staff what other departments are trying to achieve. Partnering our staff and technology with client projects has allowed us to create a winning environment. Our record of consistent wins for our clients makes it fun to come to Network every day. It's fun to win!”

With two decades of experience at Network in the unique combination role of CIO and Director of Accounting, Jim manages the complex and changing environment of accounting, and technology. The technology side of his role delivers technologies to Network that are agile, secure, and accessible from anywhere in the world. As early adopters of Cloud technologies, Network leads its client partners—and the competition—in addressing the industry's emerging media challenges. Jim has directed Network's efforts to place its technical infrastructure in the Cloud, with the goals of efficiency and effectiveness.

The accounting side of his role, fueled by technology and his expertise, allows us to deliver clients the critical business information they need in the time and format that works for their environment. This includes Network's proprietary client portal.

Jim is described as an analytical entrepreneur and innovator at heart, competitive and passionate about what Network does. A former CPA and tax adviser, Jim analyzed scores of company operations as a field auditor for two banks. To keep an edge, Jim attends numerous meetings and webinars related to Cloud technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business, with a concentration in Finance.