Lisa Feldner, CMP, Marketing and Events Consultant

The Network Media Partners ethos is all about being solution-minded. That means that if associates have something to contribute to a project or client, they're involved. It's just that easy. No agenda, no chain of command. At Network, great ideas get the spotlight very quickly.

“My role as a consultant to Network is to build the right team for a project and then remove obstacles so that teams can thrive and accomplish what we set out to do,” says Lisa Feldner. “I focus on the needed players, and I find a way to bring them together to make the project a winner for the client.”

Lisa's success has taught her that marketing is increasingly about accountability and results, about making data-driven decisions tempered by intuition and experience. When it comes to events, Lisa knows that it's not just “build it and they will come.“ She directs Network's efforts to consistently create dynamic, in-person experiences that engage audiences and make lasting connections with the client's brand.

Lisa's specialties include communications planning, internal and external project management, advertising, marketing, public relations, digital communications, and team development.

Lisa is a professor at Georgetown University where she guides graduate students through communication and event planning courses. She is a member of The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE), The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), The American Marketing Association, and The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Towson University and holds a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Georgetown University. She is also a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP).